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You've just stumbled onto one of the best places to shop for all things Bundt Cake at The Bundt Shoppe. Our Bundt cake-themed merchandise is perfect for the avid Bundt Cake Lover wanting to take a piece of Bundt Shoppe with them wherever they go. Check it out:

Bundt Cake T-Shirts

Our shirts aren't just cake shirts; they're a lifestyle. Our premium, soft cotton shirts are perfect for any and every occasion. Each shirt is printed with an exclusively cute Bundt cake slogan, which fits any casual event or is a must-give gift for your cake-loving friend.

  • "I'm Just Here for the Bundt" Shirt: Let everybody know what your real intentions are with this cheeky, fun t-shirt. The perfect shirt for parties, get-togethers, or any time you gather with a Bundt cake.

  • "Bundt I Can Have My Cake and Eat It Too" Shirt: Celebrate the indulgence with this stylish tee that declares your right to live it up with every delicious bite of our custom Bundt cakes.

  • "Everyday is a Bundtiful Day" Shirt: Brighten up your wardrobe in this vivacious, joyful reminder that it's "what" in your life rather than "how much" in your life which will make you happy. The same can be said to hold true for a slice of your favorite Bundt cake flavors.

  • "Bundt It Like It's Hot" Shirt: Turn up the heat on your trendy, must-have style with this catchy, cool shirt that everyone should own. Great for the men and women who love fashion and Bundt cakes.

  • "Oh My Gosh Look at Her Bundt" Tee: Fun, flirty, and bound to put a wry smile on any outfit, the beauty of a perfectly baked Bundt cake inspired this tee, with all-over tees just perfect for casual outings and fun events.

Bundt Cake Scented Candles

Take the most desired scents from The Bundt Shoppe and bring them into the comfort of your home. Our bakery-scented candles are sure to light up your room, giving it the feel of simply hanging out in our bakery. Just close your eyes and fill the space with the aroma of rich vanilla, luscious chocolate, bright lemon, and a touch of sweet cinnamon with notes of our signature mini and custom Bundt cakes. Now you can order to set the perfect mood at your next social, or just to simply chill in the confines of your living space.

Perfect for Any Social Event

Brighten your outfit with our Bundt cake–themed T-shirts or light up your space with the bakery aroma of our Bundt cake bakery. There's something to suit every Bundt cake-loving wardrobe and mood with our range of Bundt cake T-shirts and candles. Plus, they make excellent novelty gifts for friends and family who share your passion for Bundt cakes.

As you're shopping and enjoying this delightful merchandise, just remember that bundt cakes are still available for delivery. Order our delicious mini Bundt or custom Bundt cakes to light up that bakery performance for your bakery-scented candles or to add a little zest under your arms with our new favorite T-shirt. There's a variety of flavors of Bundt cake available for even the pickiest eaters.

Let the world know how much you love Bundt cakes now and shop independent, discovering Bundt cake T-shirts and Bundt cake merch at The Bundt Shoppe.