Our Founders

  • Founder/CEO

    Born with a sweet tooth so epic it was almost a superpower, Amina Ahmed, the brains and heart behind The Bundt Shoppe, has always been on a dessert-first life path. Imagine a kid who dreamt in chocolate and built fantasies out of sugar—yep, that's our Amina. Fast-forward past a whirlwind of business adventures, and voilà: The Bundt Shoppe was born, turning "aha" into "mm-hmm" with an extra layer of icing. Amina decided that if life was going to be full of ups and downs, she might as well add some sugar to the mix. Her mission? To create a cake so moist, so flavorful, and so darn good, you'd forget your woes with every bite. So, if you're in need of a laugh, a smile, or just a really good cake, this is your calling. The Bundt Shoppe is her way of saying, "Life's a bit nuts, but hey, there's always cake."

  • Co-Founder

    Eric Dahlberg, the co-pilot of The Bundt Shoppe, is a wizard in the kitchen and a maestro in the boardroom. Picture a guy who can whip up a marketing plan and a cake batter with equal flair, and
    you've got Eric. His journey from culinary wiz to Bundt cake baron is sprinkled with a dash of innovation and a heap of humor. He's on a mission to prove that life's too short for boring cakes, transforming every Bundt into a masterpiece that's as fun to eat as it is to look at. He's baking joy, laughter, and a bit of cheeky charm into every slice at The Bundt Shoppe.

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