Let your celebrations be shiny and bright with our Bundt Cake Candle Collection. The non-food-safe candles are made to be drool-worthy atop any cake and to delight at any function. Birthday parties, special occasion parties, or just themed parties, this collection has the perfect candles for each of the cakes.

Birthday Candles: Our classic Birthday Candles, available in all colors and styles.

Glitter Candles: Top your Bundt Cake with something shiny.

Party Hats Candles: These little candles look like adorable party hats.

Dinosaur Candles: These come in various dinosaur shapes and are perfect to light up at kids' parties.

Cupcake Candles: Whimsy at its absolute finest, cupcake shaped candles are the absolute sweetest addition to your cakes.

Glitter Flower Candles: Graceful flowers with fine cut work and glitter when lit.

Beer Shaped Candles: These are perfect for adult-themed parties.

Wine Shaped Candles: It makes your party classy.

Happy Birthday Balloon Candles: A festive balloon, colored in bright hues.

Metallic Candles: The metallic finish with a sleek look, available in various metallic colors.

Congrats Candles: "Congrats" spelled out in candles.

Mini Gold Number Candles: Perfect for adding to your cake for personalizing with ages or dates.

What makes our Bundt Cake Candles collection absolutely fabulous is the power for the cake to speak louder than words without burning an additional hole in your pocket. From the next birthday to graduation and anniversary, this range comes with just about every candle. Take a look at our collection and make your next celebration an affair to remember.