Hello Baby Shower Planners! Let's celebrate those little bundles of joy with our adorable Baby Shower Bitty Bundt Boxes. These baby Bundt cakes are just the right size—a dozen—to make a delectable, sweet treat at any baby shower. Each Box includes a dozen delightful Bitty Bundts topped with baby-themed toppers. Ready to take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary in no time?

One Dozen Bitty Bundts Double Chocolate w/ "It's a Boy" Cake Topper Pick

First up is our Double Chocolate Bitty Bundts. Rich, chocolatey, and loaded with mini chocolate chips, these mini Bundt cakes are topped with silky buttercream frosting and an "It's a Boy" cake topper pick. Decadent and delightful, they are sure to be a hit!

One Dozen Bitty Bundts 24 Carrot w/ "It's a Girl" Cake Topper Pic

Next up are our 24 Carrot Bitty Bundts. Filled with pineapple, carrots, and raisins, and topped with lush, creamy cream cheese frosting, these little gems are perfect! Each mini Bundt cake is topped with a sweet "It's a Girl" cake topper pic—a perfect celebrator for the birth of a baby girl. The flavor combination makes these cakes a favorite at showers, joined with the cute topper.

Perfect for Any Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower Bitty Bundt Boxes are designed to make your Baby Shower unforgettable. Whether you want to plan a big event or a cozy gathering, these mini Bundt cakes are cute, delicious, and guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Bundt Cake Delivery

Can't make it to the store? We ship Bundt cakes for these tasty mini Bundt cakes right to your door. All of our Bundt cakes are baked and topped with love, just for you.

Bundt Cake Flavors and Custom Bundt Cakes

Whether you love the decadent tastes of our Double Chocolate or the classic crumb of our 24 Carrot, there is a custom Bundt cake for everyone at the party. The baby-themed toppers make your shower that much more memorable.

So why wait any longer? Shop our Baby Shower Bitty Bundt Boxes today and order your next baby shower—a sweet and special one with our delicious mini Bundt cakes. Enjoy!