Bring a touch of magic to your little one's birthday celebration with the Children's Themed Birthday Party Bitty Bundt Boxes from The Bundt Shoppe. They add an aspect of wonder and enchantment to any party or event in which they are included, filled to the brim with flavor. Each of these adorable Boxes brings multiple mini Bundt cakes so that each of your guests enjoys our treats. Our themes are featuring a well-loved character and fun elements that will make magical memories blossom with every party.

The Disney Frozen Bitty Bundt Box

invites your mind into a winter wonderland with these adorable mini Bundt cakes that are topped with Frozen-themed cake toppers. The collection includes enticing Elsa, Olaf and Ana, in flavors that savour with every bite. Try them out with Vanilla Bean, Lemon Blueberry, and/or Raspberry Truffle flavors. These perfectly sized cakes will delight your littlest Frozen fans – arriving fresh and party-ready thanks to our Bundt cake delivery.

Mario Bitty Bitty Bundt Box

Level up your party game with this Mario Bitty Bundt Box. Adorable, delicious mini Bundt cakes with Double Chocolate and Red Velvety flavors both inside and out and topped with Mario characters and colorful sprinkles are ready to add a little bit of fun. They will be a hit, whether this be a Mario-themed adventure or just a party.

Butterfly Bitty Bundt Box

Whisk your way into a party full of fun with our Butterfly Bitty Bundt Box. Served with scrumptious mini Bundt cakes in flavors like 24 Carrot, Lemon Squeeze, and Snickerdoodle, these cakes are adorned lovely butterfly toppers and pastel ribbons. Perfect for garden parties and butterfly enthusiasts wishing for a touch of nature's beauty.

Mickey n' Minnie Mouse Bitty Bundt Box

Celebrate with the classics in our Mickey n' Minnie Mouse Bitty Bundt Box, filled with fan-favorite characters atop mini Bunde cakes in flavors of Red Velvet, Lemon Blueberry, and Vanilla Bean. The cake toppers show the classic Disney icons, which are in this box with each cake, and it is perfect for making any Disney lover feel excited.

Inflatable Shark Balloon & Unicorn Balloon Bundt Cakes

Our Inflatable Shark Balloon Bitty Bundt Box gives you a taste of Raspberry Truffle, Cookies n' Cream, and Double Chocolate flavors while being themed with Shark decorations and an Inflatable Shark Balloon. For an added magical surprise, the Unicorn Balloon Cake Topper Box using Lemon Squeeze, Snickerdoodle, and Vanilla Bean mini Bundts will be made and adorned with unicorn decorations and sparklers for that added magic.

Primary Ribbon & Mermaid Tail Cake Topper Box

Add a pop of color to your celebration with our Primary Ribbon Bitty Bundt Box, an assortment box of 24 Carrot, Double Chocolate, and Lemon Blueberry cake. This box has a topper with each cake topped with primary-colored ribbons. Dive into an under-the-sea adventure with our Mermaid Tail Cake Topper Box in flavors such as Raspberry Truffle, Red Velvet, and Cookies n' Cream—each one topped with beautifully enigmatic Mermaid Tail in the magic Under the Sea.

Indeed, at The Bundt Shoppe, we do bake the best custom Bundt cakes and mini Bundt cakes ever prepared for all those special times. Our Children's Themed Birthday Party Bitty Bundt Boxes are made to bring joy and the goodness of Bundt to your celebrations. Learn all about our bundt cake flavors and let us help you make that birthday, your child's birthday, unforgettable with our everything Bundt cake collection. Order now, and all that goes with Bundt cake can be delivered to your door.


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