Hello party planners! Wow the kids at the party with our Children's Party Bitty Bundt Boxes. The little Bundt cakes are perfect for little hands and come adorned with cute and colorful toppers. Get ready for some sweet thrill at the celebration.

Double Chocolate with Disney Frozen Toppers

Let us start with the Double Chocolate Bitty Bundts. The name says it all about this chocolatey-rich little Bundt cake, right? Infused with mini chocolate chips and frosted in a caramel smooth buttercream frosting, each Disney Frozen topper features either Elsa or Anna. These are going to be the perfect little cakes not only for any Frozen-themed parties but the taste that little princesses and superheroes will love.

Raspberry Truffle with Mario Toppers

Next up, we have the Raspberry Truffle Bitty Bundts. What better love affair than that with raspberries? These little delights are filled with fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips, then topped off with creamy Buttercream frosting. And, launched into space with Mario toppers on each one, your party will be perfect for any little gamer full of fun and adventure. All the little gamers will jump for joy over these cakes.

Vanilla Bean with Happy Birthday Toppers

These classic and smooth Vanilla Bean Bitty Bundts are made with pure Madagascar vanilla and are topped with festive Happy Birthday toppers on each one, perfect for any child's special day. The sweet aromatic flavor will be breath-taking.

Cookies & Cream with Dinosaur Balloon Topper

Want to have some fun with a cool, constantly good taste? Choose our Cookies & Cream Bitty Bundts. These cakes are loaded with crushed Oreo cookies and topped with creamy frosting. Each one is topped off with a fun Dinosaur Balloon topper; perfect for a dinosaur-themed party. These cakes will really be the death of every little dinosaur lover.

Many More Flavors

And that's not all! Our Bitty Bundt Boxes come in so many flavors—they're sure to please everyone. From lemon to red velvet, the minis come made to perfection. Each cake is topped with care, adding that special touch to your child's party.

Perfect for Any Children's Party

Our Children's Party Bitty Bundt Boxes are designed to make any party fantastic, whether it's a big bash you're throwing or just a small gathering. They're cute, tasty, and going to bring out some serious smiles.

Bundt Cake Delivery

Get your cake shipped straight to your door. No pretty factor was left undone for these delightful favor boxes. Freshly baked and topped with love, our custom Bundt cakes are a great way to celebrate without any of the hassle.

Bundt Cake Flavors and Custom Bundt Cakes

With a variety of bundt cake flavors that will make everyone happy, our Double Chocolate is every chocolate lover's dream. And don't forget about the fruity Raspberry Truffle. Plus, the fun toppers add that extra touch of magic to make your celebration unforgettable.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Children's Party Bitty Bundt Boxes today and make your next kid's party a sweet success with our deliciously sweet little Bundt Cakes! Enjoy!


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