Hello, party people in the house! Put some glitz into your get-togethers and shine into your shindigs with our Celebration Bitty Bundt Boxes. Little mini Bundt cakes make the perfect indulgence to celebrate either with dazzling Mylar Spray Sparklers atop them or as the little golden balloon cake topper. Ready to kick up the party a notch?

Double Chocolate with Blue Mylar Spray Sparkler Bitty Bundts

Let's get this party started with our Mylar Spray-topped Double Chocolate Bitty Bundts. Rich, chocolaty mini Bundts made with mini chocolate chips, then topped with a ribbon of smooth buttercream frosting. Crowned with one of our favorite toppers: the sparkling Mylar Spray. It's a sweet but glam time for sure!

Raspberry Truffle with Mini Gold Balloon Bitty Bundts

On to Raspberry Truffle Bitty Bundts, bursting with fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips. These mini treats are frosted with smooth raspberry buttercream, each crowned with a mini gold balloon cake topper. They are so fruity!

Vanilla Bean with Gold Mylar Spray Sparkler Bitty Bundts

Classic and smooth, Vanilla Bean Bitty Bundts made with pure Madagascar vanilla, then wrapped with Mylar Spray Sparkler toppers. The aromatic aroma paired with the sparkle of the topper will light up any party!

Cookies & Cream with Mini Gold Balloon Bitty Bundts

Remember the feeling of being a kid at a party where your eyes used to be drawn to the frosted cookies and cream cake? Yeah, these are those cakes. On top is creamy frosting laden with crushed Oreo cookies. Each is topped with a mini gold balloon cake topper to add sparkle and whimsy to your celebration!

Many More Flavors

And so much more! Our Bitty Bundt Boxes come in so many flavors to please your taste—lemon, red velvet, and more. These mini Bundt cakes are made to absolute perfection. And then, every cake is topped so carefully, just for your special event.

Perfect for Any Celebration

Made to fit any celebration you can imagine, our Celebration 2" Bitty Bundt Boxes are absolutely unforgettable. Birthdays, anniversaries, or just a fun gathering, mini Bundt cakes will be the perfect treat! Just the cutest, most delicious way to make your guests smile.

Bundt Cake Delivery

If time is just not in your favor, no problem! Bundt cake delivery is likely the perfect solution to still enjoy the best ever mini Bundt cakes. Our custom Bundt cakes are prepared fresh and topped with so much love—it's the perfect way to enjoy and not lift a finger.

Bundt Cake Flavors and Custom Bundt Cakes

With so many different bundt cake flavors, there's a little something for everyone. Whether it be our rich Double Chocolate or fruity goodness of our Raspberry Truffle, our custom Bundt cakes are designed to surprise and delight. And those sparkly and balloon toppers will add just a bit of magic to your event.

What are you waiting for? Shop our Celebration Bitty Bundt Boxes today to create a successful party with our super delectable mini Bundt cakes. Enjoy!

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