Attention, Bundt cake lovers! Whether you are toasting a new arrival or getting your fill of a flavor fest, the 8" Baby Shower Bundt Cakes are there to help. An amazing variety and a super cute array of toppers are sure to please.

Double Chocolate w/ "It's a Boy" Cake Topper Pick

Our "It's a Boy" Double Chocolate Bundt Cake is the ultimate special treat. Our Double Chocolate delight is loaded with mini chocolate chips and topped with a double dollop of smooth homemade buttercream frosting. Each cake is complete with a sweet "It's a Boy" cake topper pick. These cakes are perfect to celebrate the arrival of baby boys with their decadent and delicious pallet. The guests will truly be impressed!

24 Carrot w/ "It's a Girl" Cake Topper Pick

Another flavor is our 24 Carrot. At the core is pineapple, carrot, and raisin additions. Topping this seamless layer is creamy cream cheese frosting. This cake is delicious down to the last crumb. Finished with a sweet "It's a Girl" cake topper pick, this cake is the perfect way to celebrate a baby girl making her appearance. The flavors in this cake, along with the adorable topper, make this a must on any shower list.

Perfect for Any Baby Shower Or Gender Reveal

Our 8" Big Baby Shower Bundt Boxes are designed to take the stress out of your celebration. Hosting a large event or just a few friends? These Bundt cakes are the perfect treat to serve. They are beautiful and delicious, and your guests will love them.

Bundt Cake Delivery

Can't make it to the store? No problem! We offer Bundt cake delivery, so you can have these delightful cakes brought straight to your door. Fresh from the oven and deep with toppings, these custom Bundt cakes are a wonderful way to celebrate.

Bundt Cake Flavors and Custom Bundt Cakes

We offer several Bundt cake flavors because there are many diets—keto, paleo, Whole30. OK, we're not sure—but there are a lot of people with different tastes and we offer a lot of flavors for your craving! From Double Chocolate to 24 Carrot, our custom Bundt cakes are exactly the indulgence you need for your day. And those baby-themed toppers give it that special touch, making your shower something no one will forget.

Really, what are you waiting for? Request our Baby Shower  Big Bundt Boxes today, and then make your next shower sweet and special with that perfect Bundt cake. Enjoy!